Suman Biswas

  • September 13, 2017

Suman Biswas

CEO and Chief Software Architect

NiyamIT, Inc

Topic: What does it really take to make Data work for you

Track: Data Management

Suman Biswas is the CEO and Chief Software Architect of NiyamIT, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, he currently spearheads technology strategy, innovation and execution at this vibrant, fast-growing company while building long term customer relationships.

Suman and his team work hand-in-hand with client’s leadership team to architect and develop next generation solutions based on emerging technologies of big data analytics, GIS, Business Process Management (BPM), cloud and mobile computing. He excels in formulating and implementing strategic initiatives, driving innovation, and controlling technology-related capital and operating expenses.

Suman is passionate about “enabling enterprises to turn insights, gained from data, into action”. Recently his team architected petabyte-scale business analytics solution powered by Lambda Architecture on top of Apache Hadoop (batch analytics) and Apache Storm (real-time analytics).
Before NiyamIT, Suman was a Certified Senior Architect of IBM’s ‘Enterprise Architecture and Technology’ (EA&T) practice and a representative of IBM’s SOA Center of Excellence (COE). He has published several articles for IBM on IT Solution Architecture nuances.