David Simon

  • August 25, 2017

David Simon

President & Co-Founder


Topic: Machine Learning – Kernels, Killers, and Kindness…How and Why We Extract Data

Track: Data Management

Topic Description: Deep learning, neural networks, and regression are all examples of machine learning systems. In traditional systems, like those that have been previously deployed throughout DoD and the IC, objects must be retrieved from disparate sources and converted to some type of common intermediate format for analysis. With data in the NNData format, the analyst or data scientist is no longer is concerned with this translation effort. Instead, they are freed up to explore the data using a variety of tools, techniques, and analytics because we do not believe in locking an organization down into a singular proprietary data model or database that creates silo’s within the Data Warehouse. The amount and speed at which the data is ingested can also present problems for some customers. NNData uses various technologies (Hardware and Software) to address performance desires. We do not present customers a canned solution expecting it to solve all problems. Our technology was developed to empower organizations to remain agile.

Our engineers and data scientists have worked multiple data challenges and we came together at NNData to tackle Data Ingestion, ETL, and ultimately the automation of this process through the development of functional probabilistic machine learning mechanisms using a hybrid of vertical and invisible artificial intelligence results.

David is the President and Co-Founder of NNData. A company focused on machine learning and other disruptive technologies.  With more than 20 years of public and private sector experience, Mr. Simon has an extensive background in intelligence, security, technology and defense initiatives. Most recently he was the General Manager at a Fortune 200 company where he led the Big Data and Analytics team for the Americas before leaving to launch NNData.

David has supported the design of specific algorithms to tackle the challenges of data analytics, set the strategy for growth in international sales, and led teams in developing and integrating new technologies across multiple industries. He has been responsible for driving innovation around design and implementation of open-source technologies to meet government requirements and drive disruptive changes in the market place.

He also is an active investor and participant in Piranha Tank. The Piranha Tank is a live, local show focused on accelerating innovative and practical solutions that address social issues with meaning and purpose.   The Piranhas are individual investors who put up their capital and expertise to promising Entrepreneurs.

David is a Veteran of the US Army where he served as an Intelligence Officer. He has been involved and led projects throughout the Middle East and Asia. He has supported several agencies in the Intelligence Community to include INSCOM, NGA, NSA, and DIA over the last 15 years. In 2009 his strategy led to more than $9B in contract awards during his three-year tenure where he took an organization from $300M in revenue to one of the largest contractors in Afghanistan with annual estimated revenue of $800M with 7300 employees in 17 countries.