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Conference Ventures is proud to launch the first-ever Washington Big Data Conference, encompassing speakers, sponsors and audiences from the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas, more commonly referred to as the DMV. Home to our nation’s capital, Capitol Hill and the federal government, there have not been markets more interested in seizing on the benefits of big data until these three. The rationale makes sense with this region playing home to experts in cybersecurity, data analytics, healthcare, and more. In fact, the federal government is triggering several important big data projects and creating a buzz while doing so. For example, the Department of Commerce recently triggered several big data projects, striking up many unique public/private collaborations. The market dictates the tracks for this Conference including data access, public/private data partnerships, IoT and more. Register for more information on sponsorships, speakers and to reserve your spot today!

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STBigdata is a technology company helping both large and small enterprises mine their Big Data by providing services, solutions, and software products. STBigdata is the partner that can help any size company achieve its Big Data goals. STBigdata’s Mission: helping our customers realize big benefits from solution in the big data business intelligence space. Big Data is not exclusive to big companies. Companies of all sizes are sitting on volumes of Big Data; that can be mined for significant value, business intelligence and marketing insights. STBigdata is a pragmatic partner that can successfully navigate your raw data into actionable business insights. Visit us at stbigdata.com

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Conference Ventures is a unique company, in that we are able to handle your conference needs from A-Z, tailored to fit your specialty, all while bringing back the lost art of customer service. Conference Ventures is pleased to present the 2017 Indy Big Data Conferences. Visit us at conferenceventures.com



Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA